Benco currently has 11 programs

24 Hour Residential Programs

Benco has nine residential programs located throughout Corvallis. All are staffed 24 hours a day and serve up to five individuals. Our programs are set up with a family atmosphere, where we promote independence and individual choices. We provide community integration opportunities by encouraging residents to participate in outside activities. Benco has two medically fragile residential programs, providing a high quality of life by working closely with medical professionals; one of which provides 24 hour RN/LPN staffing.

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17th Street            Rolf Hansen Apartments            Garfield            Sycamore Apartments                 Grant Avenue            Gleicher House            Stone Street            Sequoia            29th Street

Supported Living Program

Our Supported Living program supports individuals in their own apartments. We evaluate each individual and develop a plan based on their needs to help them be successful. Staff visit each resident in their home and assist them as needed to help them be as independent and active as possible.

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Supported Living

Alternative to Employment Program

The Alternative to Employment program is designed for individuals with more severe disabilities who are unable to participate in a traditional employment setting. It provides services focused on independence, productivity, and integration in the community.

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