Benco established its non-profit 501 (c) 3 status in October 1997.

Benco Mission Statement

To create and support an atmosphere in which an individual can live a quality lifestyle based on social and community involvement, maximum independence and personal security.  Teaching life skills and staff  support  are tailored to the needs of each individual.

Benco operates under a Board of Directors.  The Executive Director oversees all general operations and reports to the Board of Directors.

Benco serves and provides support to adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities in all aspects of the individuals life.  We provide a safe and caring environment and encourage the individuals to live a healthy lifestyle.  We provide housing and staff for each individual to help with his or her day to day living.

Benco assists each individual we serve with accessing State and Government help such as, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Adult and Family services and Mental Health Services.  We assist each individual with medications, accessing doctors and any other medical, mental or behavioral support the individual my need.

Benco provides transportation and/or transportation resources, companionship and community outings to all of the individuals we serve.  We provide an Alternative to Employment Program to individuals that are unable to work in a typical job setting.  This program develops paid job opportunities as well as provides skill building activities for those individuals who are not able to engage in paid work.

Our Accomplishments

Benco began operations in 1997 with five 24 hour Residental Programs an Alternative to Employment Program and a Supported Living Program.  Since 1997 Benco has added five more 24 hour Residential Programs.

  • In 1999 Benco opened three 24 hour Residental Programs.
  • In 2003 Benco opened one 24 hour Residental Program.
  • In 2010 Benco purchased and remodeled a home to provide a more independent living environment.
  • In 2009, 2011 and 2012 Benco purchased five of the programs we rented from the ARC of Benton County.

As of 2014 Benco provides services to 51 people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in the Corvallis, Oregon area.  Currently Benco has 130 employees.


Benco is funded directly from the State of Oregon, each of the individuals we serve has a contract through Benton County Mental Health for the services we provide.